Finance & Accounts

Inventory Management

Inventory management denotes the maintenance, storage, and sorting of raw materials and finished goods in a fashion that aligns with the production and demand cycles. In the absence of efficient inventory management, shortages of raw materials might occur that can effectively lead to deferred production and subsequent delay in distribution. With our support and multi-channel inventory management tools, you can expand your supply chain into the digital foray. You can integrate all accounts linked with selling to keeping inventory for fluid management. For instance, if you sell a product via one channel then your stock levels get updated on all the other interlinked platforms automatically.

These tools seamlessly streamline your online and offline orders. Moreover, you can use our inventory management tool to create orders, drop shipments, backorders all at one place. Furthermore, use the tools provided by us to see what the major shipping carriers are offering in real-time and make smart collaborations, all through one tool – it’s just like shopping for shipping partners!

Also, take care of stock levels, inter-warehouse transfers and reports all at one place seamlessly. Our tools offer user-friendly and definitive dashboards and reporting features where you can manually input sales and inventory data to gain insights into your business effortlessly. With our inventory management tools at your disposal, your inventory will never be under- or overstocked.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting works along the lines of Software as a Service (SaaS). Contrary to the traditional accounting software, in cloud accounting, the software is hosted on remote servers. With our cloud accounting tools, negotiate on deals, raise sales orders, create invoices, set up payment reminders, and receive online payments all under one online accounting software application. You can also manage your payables and receivables seamlessly while it creates recurring transactions automatically.

We further provide GST accounting solutions with our cloud computing tools to ensure that your business always stays GST compliant. Moreover, with integrated tools automate your entire business process and ease accounting flow organisation-wide.

Moreover, make reporting expenses effortless with our expense reporting tools. Click pictures of your receipts from your phone or preload it to your desktop and upload the same to our cloud application. You can also link your card to this tool, where with a click you can convert the relevant transactions into expenses. Ask your employees to do the same and create a multi-level and automated approval chain so that all expenses are regulated and examined more properly.

Additionally, view expenses analytics for insightful understanding of costs in your business for proper cost management. Using our clouding accounting tools, you can put all the mundane accounting activities to rest and focus on more pressing businesses.

Payroll Solution

Payroll management is a crucial aspect of running any business, large and small. It involves maintaining extensive data on employees’ remuneration, insurance, and perquisites or benefits and also disseminating the same timely.

Simplify the exhaustive process with our payroll management applications and automate the payment process. Manage diverse salary brackets more straightforwardly by creating multiple remuneration slabs and assorting employees accordingly.

You can also view and verify payment slips on the go and make timely payments with just a click. By linking it to the HR tool you can seamlessly check for Loss of Pay and other such formalities. Via our tools, salary slips will be created automatically after salary payments and sent to every employee instantaneously.

Stay on top of all statutory compliances with our payroll management tools and make tax filings simpler. Moreover, our payroll management tools run on cloud, so you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Also, patch up employees directly with payroll staff to eliminate the hassle of requests. Lastly, with our customisable payroll management tools, liberate payroll staff but assert control by assigning roles and allowing access based on that. Become a model employer by paying timely salaries and gain the confidence and trust of your staff.