Sales & Marketing

It is needless to say that a company’s success is primarily scaled on two parameters – its sales figures and how well it is marketed. Ergo, sales and marketing management forms the heart of any organisation. It involves immaculate planning and strategising to retain existing customers and to expand an organisation’s customer base.

Customer Relation Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a pivotal role in improving customer satisfaction that, in turn, enhances a company’s revenues and profitability. Our Customer Relation Management tools enable you to maintain correspondence with customers across mediums, be it mail, telephone, social media or even live chat.
Let’s take a look at how our CRM tools help your business –

  • Superior lead management Use our CRM tools to manage leads effectively, qualify them, and convert them into customers all in one place. Track prospective customers on various social media platforms by adding your company’s social media handles with our advanced CRM tool, which will automatically add qualified leads to the corresponding database. These premium tools also score leads based on several attributes, so that your teams can sift through them effortlessly.
  • Automate workflow Remember the conditional flowcharts of ‘when’ and ‘if’? That’s how our CRM tools work to automate lead follow-ups, because, let’s face it, there’s little wiggle room for leads falling through the cracks in sales and marketing management. Your sales and marketing team can set conditions for follow-ups in that flowchart seamlessly, and the tool will take care of the rest.
  • Hassle-free sales reporting Make creating and managing reports hassle-free and convenient with our CRM systems. Use any of the templates in the tool or customise one for yourself. Drag and drop them in appropriate folders and keep interdepartmental reports organised.
    These tools also simplify report search; just type out the initials and voila! You can also create dashboards using the tool, where each of your reports, their corresponding graphs can be accessed easily. The winning point of our advanced tool is, however, you can see which marketing campaigns are yielding most promising ROI thru Google Adwords reports.

Query Management System

A Query Management System enables an organisation to source customer queries and attend to them duly.

  • With our QMS tools sieve through customer queries seamlessly and focus on the more pressing ones, thus enhancing the consumer experience.
  • Use our tools to contextualise a customer’s query and respond more precisely.
  • Make use our QMS applications to collaborate with others in the team and respond to queries more efficiently.
  • Use AI bots to respond to common queries thru a repository of solutions and simplify the query management system.
  • Use the plug-in in our QMS tool to integrate customer self-service facilities in your business’s website and mobile apps
  • Create reports effortlessly with our tools and track your team’s performance.
  • Automate ticket tagging using the AI in our tool, which identifies critical aspects of such tickets and automatically tags tickets as and when they are generated.
  • Customise the tool effortlessly with templates, creating self-service help centres, etc.
  • Match the help desk with your brand personality through our intuitive tool.

Social Media Tracking

    Social media is the most powerful platform to reach out to customers and make a lasting impression about your brand in the contemporary context. Therefore, it is paramount to put up enough face-time of your business on social media to maintain relevance with your target audience. With our tools, schedule posts effortlessly for times when your audience attendance in social media is high. Features like publishing calendar can ensure that you get to create a content pipeline for your business’s social media platforms across periods so that there’s never a dull moment.
    And from proper scheduling and engaging posts comes customer attraction. Respond to customers in real-time and more effectively with our tools. Moreover, with our social media monitoring tools understand audience engagement better from pre-built analytical reports. Reckon your business’s social media footprint and look at areas where you could improve and expand that reach. Get insightful reports and learn about the impact of your social media strategies with social media analytics.

    Some other features that you can find in our tools are –
  • Live chat
  • Our tools come equipped with live chat software systems so that a representative of yours is always connected with customers. That way, your deals will close expeditiously. You can also automate the process through a repository of common responses to enhance customer interaction time.
  • Classify leads
  • Simplify the classification of repeating visitors using our tool, which will assign a score based on attributes like time spent on the site, interaction levels, etc. That way, zero in on your leads seamlessly.
  • Connect different tools
  • Our CRM and social media marketing tools work together to pave the way for lead identification, classification, nurturing, and conversions, right from the chatbox.

Campaign Solution

Marketing campaigns involve extensive and intricate planning and execution to achieve the desired objectives. Use our tools to create innovative and smart marketing campaigns.

  • Make the engagement experience more rewarding to convert leads into customers smoothly by integrating various tools like CRM, campaign tools, etc.
  • Manage your email marketing subscribers by importing them from variegated sources with our cohesively functioning tools.
  • A winning feature of our campaign solution tool is that you can analyse different campaigning options to see which one will provide more effective results thru tested out statistics.
  • Our tool features different, visually-compelling newsletter templates. You can choose any one of those templates which bespeaks your brand’s image and value most definitively. You can also customise the templates via a simple drag and drop system.
  • Use a simple conditional flowchart system to define triggers and corresponding responses and automate workflows for lead nurturing, onboarding, and customer engagement with our advanced campaign tools.
  • You can also automate your e-commerce set up by defining promotional emails, abandoned cart triggers, follow-ups for purchases, feedbacks, etc.
  • Receive real-time analytics thru our tools with our tools and measure the success of your market campaigns and get insightful reports into every detail of those campaigns.
  • Furthermore, make your email marketing campaigns more personalised with our tools to make a lasting impression.
  • Also, use our tools from your mobile devices to be on top of your marketing campaigns always.